Under the solid background over 50 years in this industry, ranging from Polymer manufacturing, Yarn Spinning, Texturizing and Warping, we are well equipped to play a major role in polyester polymer and filament sections.

Akra Polyester plant is equipped with the best machinery from leading providers around the world. A disciplined team of experienced engineers and experts follow stringent procedures to operate this technology ensuring smooth operations and the highest quality. 

Vertical technical integration between Alpek and Akra Polyester allows it to control the aspects of the value chain thus eliminating delivery and quality problems of raw material supply. This also enables it to set highest standards of quality, resulting in higher yields.

The plant has thousands of control point throughout the chip and yarn production areas. All of them are linked to master control room facilities, which allows scrutiny of all processes through several screen levels of detail. The plant also incorporates high level of packages metering control and robotic systems.

The state-of-art technology ensures us to serve the customer with the Best Quality and Reliable Supply.