Akra Polyester production facilities have 9 in-house laboratories for raw materials input and end products testing.

Compliance of chemical, physical and appearance performances are tested in our fully equipped laboratories. All polymers and filaments are tested for quality before dispatching them to customer.

Akra Polyester applies several types of tests depending on internal requirements and customers demands. In case of any product failing to fulfill quality requirements, it will be put through a no conformant product process, so faulty product is prevented from being dispatched.

The following are part of the tests we apply daily:

 TEXTILE YARN  Yarn Properties                  Standard
   Linear Density  ASTM D1907-97
   Elongation at Break  ASTM D2256-97
   Tenacity  ASTM D2256-97
   Crimp Contraction  ASTM D4031-95a
   BW Shrinkage  ASTM D 2259-96
   Interlace  ASTM D4724-87

 INDUSTRIAL YARN  Yarn Properties  Standard
   Linear Density  ASTM D1907-97
   Breaking Strength  ASTM D2256-97
   Elongation at Break  ASTM D2256-97
   Thermal Shrinkage  ASTM D4031-95a
   Tenacity  ASTM D 2259-96
   Interlace  ASTM D4724-87
   Oil Content  Zimmer WNB010 7139-E