About Us

Akra Polyester

As market leader in manufacturing and commercialization of textile yarn, industrial yarn and polymers, in Akra Polyester we distribute our products since more than 50 years ago to Latin America, Canada, United States and Europe. We have the highest technology and production capacity to fulfill the demand of our customers with rapidity and quality.

Akra Polyester is part of Alpek, the Alfa Group petrochemical company, a mexican enterprises association focused in several industry fields, like steel, food-processing, petrochemicals, synthetic fibers, aluminum auto components and telecommunications.


Akra is a profitable company with sustainable growth, recognized by the community and customers, leader in the NAFTA market, with new products and services and high-skilled personnel, with standards and certifications.


We provide an honest and professional job environment, of trust and creativity, in order to develop the skills of our personnel and give them the recognition for their contributions. We promote the security and the ecology, for the care of the individual and the community. We meet the request of our clients with integrity and speed, giving them always the best customer service.

Global Presence

The products of Akra Polyester reach the 40% of the international market demand and they are distributed in United States, Canada, Central America, South America and Europe.

Our clients can get textile and industrial yarns in more than 20 countries, with the confidence that their orders:

Reach the quality standards we have embrace.

They will arrived in good time and in an appropriate manner.

They are manufactured with the best technology and specialized knowledge.

In addition, we have a quality system in sales attention and technical after sales service for our clients' satisfaction.

Social Commitment

We have increasingly challenging improvement projects that emerge as a result of the commitment we have with the achievement of quality standards, the environmental performance levels, the development of our personnel and the community.

Enviromental Management

We really care about the ecology, in such a way that we have designed permanent programs that allow us to balance our company with environmental aspects, avoiding emissions to the atmosphere, wastewater and waste generation.
In addition, we have the highest score (Product Class I) in agreement with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and we are implementing ISO 14001: 2004 International Environmental Management System.


At the Akra Polyester plant, equipped with cutting-edge technology supplied by leaders such as BARMAG and ZIMMER, we received the high quality raw material from PETROTEMEX S.A de C.V., belonging to the ALPEK group.

Our plant has:

Highly sophisticated systems for measuring and controlling the size and weight of packages and the warped product.

Robotic systems for the interior handling product and its storage.

This is how Akra Polyester's technology guarantees to the market the best quality and assurances that the products will be delivered on time.